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IDFederal, State, Local Government Contracts, bids, RFPAgencyLocationIssued On
1Retainer Wall ReplacementState/LocalME07/11/2024
2Retaining Wall Refacing & Construction #128 High St to Valley RoadState/LocalME07/11/2024
3Isaac Davis Historical Monument RestorationState/LocalME07/11/2024
4Fishing Supply PurchasesState/LocalME07/11/2024
5Hormel Institute Animal Annex Roof ReplacementState/LocalMN07/11/2024
6Event Planner for the Keeping Our Faculty SymposiumState/LocalMN07/11/2024
7Tree Trimming and RemovalState/LocalMA07/11/2024
8Mountain View Cemetery Drainage Improvements 2024State/LocalMA07/11/2024
10Snow & Sleet Removal Services for the University of Missouri-Kansas CityState/LocalMO07/11/2024
11Dekalb County, SW Ketchen Rd. over little third creek, Replacement of BridgeState/LocalMO07/11/2024
12Dekalb County, SW Orchard rd. over branch of little third creek, Replacement of bridgeState/LocalMO07/11/2024
13Clinton County, Route SW 200th over Dicks Creek, Replacement of BridgeState/LocalMO07/11/2024
14Carroll County, County Road 110 over Cottonwood CreekState/LocalMO07/11/2024
15Gentry County, Route Hilltop Road over Peddler Creek, Replacement of BridgeState/LocalMO07/11/2024
16Gentry County. Route 610 over Branch of Grand River, Replacement of BridgeState/LocalMO07/11/2024
17Linn County, Laclede Avenue Over Elk Creek, Replacement of BridgeState/LocalMO07/11/2024
18Linn County, Pratt Street over Elk Creek, Replacement of BridgeState/LocalMO07/11/2024
19Pettis County, along 32nd Street Rd, addition of bike lanesState/LocalMO07/11/2024
20Pettis County, Along Sacajawea RD, Addition of Bike LanesState/LocalMO07/11/2024

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