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Government Contract and Bid Finder and Notification System (Bid Contract) is the best tool available to companies interested in the $2 trillion government procurement market. It helps you boost your revenue and profitability in this lucrative market by searching, screening, and notifying you of new government contract and government bid and RFP instantly, so you will never need to worry about missing an opportunity. Want to learn more before you sign up? Take a product tour to find out how Government Contract Finder and Notification System works for you.
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IDFederal, State, Local Government Contracts, bids, RFPAgencyLocationIssued On
2Hot Asphalt MixWI03/23/2023
4Elevator MaintenanceHI03/22/2023
5Environmental Consulting Services for the Highways Maui District MS4 ProgramHI03/22/2023
6Legal Advocacy, Outreach and Referral Services to Protect the Rights of Children and Their FamiliesHI03/22/2023
7Provide Nohona Hawai’i Education and Hosting Sites for the HIDOEHI03/22/2023
8Provide routine and preventative HVAC servicesHI03/22/2023
9Furnish and Deliver Half Round End Dump TrailerHI03/22/2023
10Laboratory Services for Wastewater Influent and Effluent AnalysisHI03/22/2023
12Consultation Services for Hawaii Correctional Industries ProgramHI03/22/2023
13City Website DevelopmentGA03/22/2023
14Design Services: Webb Bridge Park Sanitary SewerGA03/22/2023
15Food Items for CDC WarehouseIA03/22/2023
16Helical Pile/Screw in FoundationIA03/22/2023
17Iowa PBS Parking Lot ResurfacingIA03/22/2023
18ICN OSP Project # 97220101 Woodbury Co – Hwy 20 relocateIA03/22/2023
19SSDC RCY2024 Supplemental Drug and Diabetic Supply Rebate Solicitation LetterIA03/22/2023
20Bulk Beverage Drink Fortified With Vitamins and MineralsIA03/22/2023

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